Real-time Temperature monitoring system with interactive web service consisting of Dashboard, Reports, Alerts & Graphs.

WiFi Data Logger

Monitor temperature and humidity in real time with Ikhaya Automation Systems’ new WiFi data logger. It connects to your wireless network, at no additional data cost, offering you a cost-effective solution with a reduced monthly service fee in comparison to traditional systems, which rely on cellular network SIM cards. The WiFi data logger offers SMS and/or email notifications for temperature and humidity excursions, as well as ongoing temperature and humidity measurements to a cloud-based dashboard/management portal.

  • A real-time temperature monitoring system with interactive web service consisting of a dashboard, integrated reporting, and an alert system.
  • All unit and system parameters are remotely configured down to the level of the individual temperature and humidity probes.
  • Our monitoring activities can help you identify temperature excursions quickly and take immediate action to correct them.
  • Alerts are sent via SMS and email to ensure that adequate measures can be taken in time. Alerts can be cancelled remotely by responding to the email or SMS Alert.
  • The system is remotely managed from anywhere in the world, from any Internet-enabled smart device such as phones, tablets, or laptops.

Product Specifications