A low cost temperature monitoring solution which is completely wireless.

TIN (The Ikhaya Node) Temperature & Humidity Logger

The Ikhaya wireless sensor TIN has been developed for rapid deployment in medium to large facilities where multiple units across a warehouse or factory are required.

The unit is powered by an internal battery, thus allowing it to be installed anywhere inside the monitored facility. The unit can be configured for measurement of ambient temperature and humidity, pulse counting, -80 freezer monitoring or for the measurement of temperatures inside a cold room, fridge, or freezer.

The unit makes use of the global LORA (Long range wireless) standard and communicates via a gateway that is placed up to 1000m apart. (Distance subject to verification on site). The LORA standard utilizes the low frequency radio spectrum, making it well suited to radio propagation inside a building. A large number of TIN units are able to communicate via a single gateway within the effective range of the radio signal.

Product Specifications