Our Values: Integrity Customer Satisfaction Quality  Reliability

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Company Values

Integrity comes first in everything that we do at Ikhaya Automation Systems. It’s our leading value, before customer satisfaction, quality and reliability.

Mission Statement

Our daily mission is to deliver our clients accurate data that’s easy to access and understand. Our purpose is empowering our clients to maximise their operational efficiency so that they can reduce costs and improve profits increasingly, over time.

Learn more about Ikhaya Automation Systems

Ikhaya Automation Systems began delivering comprehensive temperature monitoring solutions to international customers in 2008. Our business bridges the international trade gap with products that are designed and manufactured in South Africa, along with global approvals and certification. Approvals include official accreditation by the World Health Organisation.

Who makes up the team at Ikhaya Automation Systems?

Our agile team is headed up by Praba Moonsamy, who is passionate about using smart technology to drive tangible results for our clients in every industry. At the outset, Praba was clear that our vision would be to become a global leader in remote and real-time temperature monitoring. 

Our experience and agility enables us to install and calibrate our solutions quickly, which is the stand-out quality appreciated by our clients. We’re proud to support our clients in amplifying their proactive management of their operations, anticipating the need for intervention before it becomes clear through full or final equipment failure.