Three ways healthcare businesses can benefit from technology

Healthcare businesses can benefit from wisely investing in the right technology. One example of this is temperature monitoring technology.

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no doubt that healthcare businesses can benefit from wisely investing in the right technology. One example of this is temperature monitoring technology. It might sound too simple at first, so we’ll unpack three key benefits in more detail. We want to help you understand how this particular investment could benefit your healthcare business:


Healthcare businesses around the world are under immense and constant pressure. This, to ensure that people receive access to quality medical care and products when they need it. Modern technology now allows for:

  • automatic temperature reading in minute-by-minute intervals
  • automated data analysis
  • automatic data upload
  • electronic data storage for the legally defined five year timespan.

Not only is less resource required, with this type of technology in place, but since certain temperature monitors (like ours at Ikhaya Automation Systems) are manufactured according to strict compliance requirements. It’s a certified way to achieve accurate and reliable results. You’ll be pleased to know that our temperature monitoring solutions are ISO 9001 certified as well as approved by the World Health Organization. There’s no question about the quality you’ll receive from us. 

Cost management

Temperature monitoring technology can also help healthcare businesses bring down day-to-day running costs, saving billions over time. Choose the right kind of system, like ours at Ikhaya Automation Systems. It will log your data automatically, remotely and in real time. No need to deploy teams across your facilities, to manually read temperatures and other data. 

The real advantage of this is that over time your business can improve and expand its operation without directly adding a cost factor of personnel, to cover this essential yet laborious (when done manually) work. Technology that was deemed too expensive a few years ago, is now well within reach even for small pharmacies and community clinics.

Business growth

It might seem strange at first: how could temperature monitoring technology possibly enable the growth of your healthcare business? It’s a bit of a domino effect, really. With your compliance boxes checked, and your costs reduced every month that you don’t need to manually record this data, your business is able to take on more work, expand to new sites and locations, and generate more revenue.

The best part about our systems is that they can scale up or down as you need, with ease. Our team is always on standby to support our clients, and we’d love to help you benefit from our leading temperature monitoring technology. Click here to get in touch with us if you have any questions or you’d like to get started.

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