Why do ultra-low freezers need temperature monitors?

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Why do ultra-low freezers need temperature monitors?

Ultra-low freezers that operate in the -50°C to -80°C range need temperature monitors because of their immense value for the modern lab, hospital or research facility. These facilities use the freezers for the safe long term storage of enzymes, drugs and biological specimens (including vaccines). A single ultra-low freezer can store samples worth tens of thousands of dollars, so you can do the math as to the potential financial loss incurred by even the slightest temperature excursion.

What kind of products are stored in ultra-low freezers?

As mentioned above, labs, hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities (among other institutions) store a combination of enzymes, drugs and other biological specimens (including vaccines) in ultra-low freezers.

Why are ultra-low freezers used for this?

Ultra-low freezers are used to safely store materials that are subject to decomposition, destruction or altered response as a result of exposure to an unspecified temperature. Keeping them safe from damage means constantly monitoring temperatures, to prevent exposure to temperatures outside the safe storage range.

Recommended temperature monitors for ultra-low freezers:

Since the impact of even a slight temperature excursion inside an ultra-low freezer can result in massive costs for an organisation, it’s recommended that high-quality temperature monitors are used to constantly ensure that conditions inside the freezers are fit-for-purpose. Ikhaya Automation Systems’ temperature monitoring solutions are approved by the World Health Organization, which means that the systems you receive from us are certified as being among the top quality systems available worldwide. Here’s why our temperature monitoring solutions are recommended for use in ultra-low freezers:

  • Our systems work remotely: once installed into your ultra-low freezers, you won’t need staff to regularly go to each unit to log data.

  • Our solutions are ISO 9001 certified: another international seal of approval to keep your company compliant, and on top of your regulatory requirements.

  • Our devices are extremely versatile: we’ll help you install and calibrate the equipment to your specific needs, and our devices are compatible with any ultra-low freezer.

You can discover more benefits for your business by visiting our product pages, or contacting us for an expert consultant to help you make the right choice.

Why should you choose high-quality solutions?

You’re responsible for the quality and compliance of the products you make, store and/or distribute, which means that makeshift solutions expose you to legal, financial and public relations risks. Choosing a high-quality temperature monitoring solution reduces that risk to virtually zero, from a business visibility perspective. It gives you ample time to intervene and make corrections before catastrophic outcomes even become possible.

Ultra-low freezer probes also need to be made of a specific material that provides stable and consistent readings across a wide range of sub-zero temperatures. All of this has already been taken into consideration by our team, so that you can rely on us for your temperature monitoring and devote your time to your core business every day.

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