Ikhaya Automation Systems: Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Monitor critical temperatures to improve quality and reduce costs.

Ikhaya Automation Systems offers temperature monitoring solutions for all industries and regulatory requirements. Trusted for more than 12 years, by public and private organisations alike, we are a Level 2 B-BBEE company, ISO 9001 certified and approved by the World Health Organization. Our temperature monitors are currently being used in:


✅ Fridges  ✅ Freezers  ✅ Ultra-low freezers  ✅ Cold rooms  ✅ Incubators ✅ Cryogenic vessels

Temperature Monitoring

Our range of products and solutions has been designed to meet a wide range of market requirements. Our monitoring and management system is hosted in the cloud on a high availability platform. We provide integration services to existing mobile and fixed asset tracking and asset management solutions.

Which industries need temperature monitoring solutions?

Healthcare and agribusiness are just two key industries that regulate product temperatures from the harvest and processing of raw materials, through to manufacturing, storage and transportation of goods to end consumers. Our dedication to temperature monitoring has helped public and private organisations deliver outstanding product quality at record low operational costs. Here’s an overview of industry-specific use cases below for our temperature monitoring solutions:


Real-time temperature monitoring in healthcare is critical for regulatory compliance and it can mean the difference between life and death for millions of people.


Maintaining critical ambient temperatures, as well as monitoring cold rooms, fridges and freezers, is essential for retail businesses.


Monitoring the temperature of agricultural business products and facilities is a cost-effective way to support global food security initiatives.


Monitoring the temperature of your vehicles protects product quality fluctuations caused by door status, weather and traffic conditions.


For all technology to function at optimum speed and capacity, critical temperatures must be constantly monitored and maintained.


Monitoring the temperature in your manufacturing plant helps you remain compliant at all times, throughout your operation, preventing fines and shutdowns.

How else can Ikhaya Automation Systems help your business?

Ikhaya Automation Systems does more than just provide fancy technology for your business. We’re here so you can benefit from our knowledge, and continue to grow your business into the powerhouse that it has the potential to be. Our products and services are frequently updated in line with health and safety regulations, and our expert advisors are always just one call away.

Data Loggers

The ideal data logger (single- or multi-use) for your business is determined by a wide range of factors, from the nature and scale of your operation, to your audit scores, business strategy and available resource pool.

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping is a process that we recommend businesses run at least twice each year. It involves horizontal and vertical temperature logging, resulting in a 3D temperature map of your facility.

Sound Monitoring Solutions

Sound monitoring solutions are used in sensitive environments, like neonatal facilities . Monitoring of noise levels helps improve the development of our early arrivals.

Is Ikhaya Automation Systems a credible provider?

Ikhaya Automation Systems holds a number of active approvals and certifications, which our team is always willing to provide references for. We are approved by the World Health Organization and ICASA, and ISO 9001 certified. We are an active SERCO partner and we bring the trust of these respected organisations into the work we do with every client.

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